Why coaching?

Coaching allows you to become the creator of your own life

Often, we build our lives in response to the circumstances and obstacles we face. We circumvent things, trying to sidestep problems or find something better. This does not allow us to make real changes, to achieve the life we want to live. 

Coaching allows you to distance yourself from your environment and engage in deep reflection, to gain clarity on the steps to take in order to steer your life in the direction you want. 

Coaching also allows you to reconnect with your instinct, and to rediscover trusting what you feel deep down. You no longer ask yourself whether a choice is right or wrong, and you live change to the full.

Coaching likewise helps you to make important commitments for your life, and to stick to them. By developing this integrity in your life, “doing what I said I would, when I said I would do it”, you create an environment conducive to change and make circumstances work for you. You will feel that life is taking you in the direction that you have chosen. 

To find out more, please do not hesitate to contact me. I offer anyone interested a free 30- to 45-minute introduction session, in which I explain all aspects of coaching and together we flesh out your objectives. After this session, you can decide whether or not to embark on a coaching journey.

Les différentes modalités de coaching

Individual coaching

Take control of your own life

Would you like to be authentic with your friends and finally address sensitive issues?
Are you no longer happy in your work but are afraid of losing what you have? 
Do you want to change career paths? 
Do you have choices to make and are struggling to decide?
Individual coaching provides you with a space of personal creation to take control of your own life and escape the constraints placed on you.

Group coaching

Coaching for all!

Growing and achieving change should not depend on how much money you have! 
Whether you are a student preparing for important exams, a stay-at-home parent wanting to get back into work or a young adult looking for your first job, this solution offers you quality coaching in groups of 2 to 5 people. Group work allows you to exchange ideas with peers and benefit from collective intelligence.

Commute coaching

Build your success on the move

Would you like to use your time as efficiently as possible on your way to an important meeting?
Are you conscious that procrastinating on your smartphone or redoing your presentation won't help you?
Not sure yet how to make a difference?
Commute coaching allows you to gain clarity on what you need to do to give the best of yourself and achieve your goals

Nature coaching

Join forces with nature

Nature is a major ally in giving you the energy for change. It can provide you with the necessary resources for your physical, emotional and mental well-being.
Live a unique coaching experience in a forest, dipping your feet in water, or in the mountains.
Combining a solid coaching method and a spiritual approach, you will reach unchartered dimensions of yourself.

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