Take control of your own life, from A to Z

Move forward with your life as you see fit. Escape the pressures of society or your professional environment. Find an authentic work-life balance. Give up some security to gain more freedom and carefreeness. Does this seem impossible or too good to be true? Well, coaching will allow you to take your first steps in that direction. 

Individual coaching provides a creative space for you to explore all the possibilities available to you, in total freedom, without external judgment or direction. It then allows you to make real choices, and to stick to them.

In the 21st century, the separation between professional and private life no longer makes sense. In keeping with my holistic approach to the world, I look at your life as an inseparable entity.

My individual coaching therefore covers the whole of your life, and we can move seamlessly between professional, relationship or family goals during sessions. 

With at least 6 sessions of 45 minutes to an hour, you define the topics and areas you want to work on during a free introduction session. Following this introduction, the decision to embark on this adventure is yours. Sessions take place face-to-face or on Skype/by phone.

Price: 80 CHF or 75 EUR/session

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